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Don’t Trade Crypto
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Don’t Trade Crypto. Stake It

NEOS Liquidity

Provide liquidity by locking up your crypto to earn highest interest from Matrix crypto arbitrage.

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Get NEOSed

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NEOS are points pegged to $1.00.
Complete special missions to earn NEOS and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Matrix Technology
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More about Technology

Matrix technology, the heart of Neosify, is designed to provide platform liquidity via triangular crypto arbitrage.

To ensure staking efficiency, its routing algorithm finds most advantageous staking rates based on actual usage of the platform.

Your Assets

Your Assets

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The Neosify Technology is entirely decentralized – we ensure full self-custody of your funds. If you’re looking for the best DeFi anonymity standards, Neosify is what you need.

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